Why is it so important to get your estate planning done now?
Well, for almost everyone, there are three basic “life status” phases during which your estate plan will be decided:
Phase one: Alive & Well. 
Phase two: Seriously Ill.
Phase three: Dead. 
By designing an estate plan during phase one, you are prepared, your loved ones are not suffering in any way due to your illness or death, and your attorneys fees are normal.
If you wait until phase two to design your estate plan, you are rushing, loved ones are uncomfortable seeing you seriously ill, and you will most likely have to pay a premium for rush attorney services.
And by never preparing an estate plan during your lifetime, you leave your loved ones- who are inconsolable over your death- totally unprepared to deal with managing your estate. And, the money they will have to spend from your estate assets to cover attorneys fees, court costs, and filing fees will almost certainly be exponentially greater than what you would have paid had you planned during your lifetime. 
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