pre & post nuptial agreements

Nowadays, it is common among couples about to embark on married life for the first time – or prior to marrying a second or tird time – to enter into a prenuptial agreement.

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Prenuptial Agreement.

By executing a Prenuptial Agreement, a couple supersedes the marital laws that would otherwise apply in the event of a divorce, such as the laws governing division of property, retirement benefits, and the right to seek alimony, with agreed upon terms that provide certainty and clarify their marital rights.

The prenuptial agreement also may protect some property during marriage, for instance in case of a bankruptcy.


Postnuptial Agreement.

A postnuptial agreement is similar to a prenuptial agreement in that it provides clarity to the married couple regarding their respective marital rights, except that it is entered into after the couple is married rather than before they marry.

At the Law Office of Evan Benjamin, we have experience preparing Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements for couples in both New Jersey and New York.

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